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For our customers in the yacht and shipbuilding industry, we supply custom-fit building kits made of cut and formed sheet steel. Plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, two- and three-dimensional forming of steel sheets as well as the welding assembly of small and medium-sized sections are all tasks we carry out with extraordinarily high and unsurpassed precision thanks to innovative technologies and highly qualified personnel. We supply shaped exterior panels without any additions, which allows for a fast welding assembly without needing additional adjustments and thus directly saves costs.

Especially for yacht and special shipbuilding, all components – whether straight or shaped – are manufactured to yacht standards. This means that all individual processing steps are checked several times throughout the entire manufacturing process. This ensures the extraordinarily high-quality standard of our products. Ostseestaal manufactures building packages made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel and other high-quality steels for yacht and shipbuilding, as well as assembled and welded components such as forecastles, superstructures, masts, chimneys, bulbous bows, deck components including mechanical processing and coatings.



Ostseestaal is the specialist for 3D cold forming of large metal sheets with which organic shapes can be realised in both architecture and art. Together with architects and artists, we develop an exclusive concept for the constructive implementation, production and structural execution from initial drafts. Organically shaped surfaces such as façades, roofs and bridges can be combined with a substructure designed as a load-bearing structure to form a statically load-bearing element whose statics are calculated using FEM simulation.

Individual elements made of various metallic materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, weather-resistant structural steel and normal steel are developed into custom-made constructions, precisely tailored to the individual wishes of the customer. There are no limits to the design, because with our proven manufacturing technologies and the many years of know-how of our employees, it is possible to shape metal sheets into any desired shape and implement them as turnkey projects including on-site assembly.



The expansion of renewable and sustainably produced energy is an important industry sector. Our expertise in 3D cold forming of various metal sheets and profiles, combined with our knowledge of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, helps our customers to realise their projects. We work with them to develop innovative technical solutions. Our specialists – whose technical roots lie predominantly in the shipbuilding industry – have many years of experience in hydrodynamics. We apply this expertise to the renewable and sustainable energy sector. We are specialised in the production of complex 3D cold formed steel construction components that generate hydropower or wind power.

Ostseestaal manufactures large and complex tools for the manufacture of components made from glass fibre-reinforced plastics (GFRP). These industrial tools are used, among other things, as wing and mould shells in the wind energy sector. During production, we ensure that no concessions are made with regard to tolerance specifications. Ostseestaal offers a one-stop technological solution for the entire manufacturing process, from the development of free-form surfaces to the cutting and three-dimensional cold forming of sheet metal through to the assembly of lamination bonding devices (LKV). All manufacturing processes are checked, analysed and documented by continuous quality assurance. In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality standards.



Ampereship GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Ostseestaal GmbH & Co. KG, specialising in the manufacture of emission-free electric solar ships and ferries of the highest quality for professional inland navigation. Due to their efficient, hydrodynamic design and lightweight construction, our ships are powered exclusively through the power of the sun and the energy stored in the batteries. We build modern passenger ships and ferries. Economical, environmentally friendly and designed for the future.

Our production facility enables the construction of new ships up to 50 m long and 12 m wide. The ships are built under the supervision and quality control of experienced, highly qualified designers and engineers. It is our aim to deliver commercial barges to our customers on time and in the highest quality for the most diverse purposes. Every ship is manufactured in Stralsund by our certified and experienced skilled workers using the latest technology. 
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Ostseestaal manufactures large and complex moulds and tools for the production of components from carbon fibre and glass fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP, GFRP), which are used, for example, as fuselage or wing shells for the A350 Airbus passenger aircraft or Boeing's Dreamliner. We offer the entire manufacturing process, from processing the free-form surfaces to cutting and three-dimensional cold forming of the sheets through to assembling the laminating bonding device (LKV), from a single source. Our range of services also includes stress-relief heat treatment, sandblasting as well as mechanical processing and worldwide transport logistics to the installation site.

We guarantee compliance with quality parameters and delivery dates through our own quality management and efficient project management. The shape accuracy of the laminating bonding device is monitored by continuous 3D laser measurement during the manufacturing process. Non-destructive material testing (NDT) and helium leak tests ensure the quality of the weld seams. At Ostseestaal, we have already been manufacturing laminating fixtures with dimensions of 25 m x 5 m x 5 m, up to 40 mm thick cover plates and a mass of more than 30t. High-quality materials such as steel, nickel 36 (INVAR, Pernifer), and aluminium are used primarily in mould construction.



Ostseestaal's special production technology is perfectly suited for the customer-specific manufacturing of complex components for industry and offshore projects. Excellent quality and project management, combined with welding licences in line with the latest standards, guarantees our customers the supply of high-quality, system-critical components.

Ostseestaal's standard of quality always exceed the usual standards. Our specialists manufacture components for industry and offshore projects precisely in line with our customers' requirements. Complete documentation and batch tracking are part of our brand core. Our experienced logisticians deliver your product just-in-time, wherever you order it.



We have been using our expertise and know-how in 2D and 3D cold forming for a long time, both for new ships and for retrofitting existing ships. Together with ship owners, shipyards, EPC project companies, propulsion manufacturers and many partners, we also use our knowledge in the production of tanks for e.g. LNG fuel.
As a "one-stop supplier", we deliver completely assembled tanks including installation and add-on parts, insulation and piping. All work steps such as cutting the components, pressing the bottoms, rolling the shell plates, preparing the weld seam, welding and assembly, up to the pressure test and the subsequent application of the external insulation are carried out in our production halls in Stralsund.

One of the special features that sets us apart from all our competitors is our direct access to the Baltic Sea. We can load ships with a draught of up to approx. 7.5m at our own port access. Thanks to our generously dimensioned production facilities, land-based tanks (flat-bottom or bullet tanks) are also built in Stralsund for a wide range of applications, e.g. in the chemical, oil and gas, water, food, etc. industries. For these products we supply component blanks, pre-assembled assemblies or finished tanks made of stainless steel, low-temperature steel, normal steel or aluminium. As an ideal complement to the flat-bottom tanks, our sister company OTS - Ostsee Tank Solutions supplies large-sized aluminium roofs, so-called DOMES up to a diameter of 120m.

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