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Current buoy


The Strom-Boje 3® is designed for large rivers such as the Danube, Rhine or Inn. With the 250cm rotor, it delivers 70 kW of nominal power at a current of 3.3m/s. Depending on the quality of the location, it can deliver up to 300 MWh per year.

The dimensions: length 1100cm, max. width at the diffuser 550cm, max. height at the bow 340cm, net weight 6.4 t, minimum water depth 300cm at low water.

Mounted on a frame of high quality steel tubes and profiles are: A variable-speed, gearless PM -synchronous generator, on the double-bearing shaft sits a two-bladed, slowly rotating (50 - 120rpm), fish-friendly rotor with the highest efficiency made of aluminium or bronze.

Float and flow channel with performance-enhancing diffuser are made of black, UV-resistant, impact-resistant and recyclable polyethylene.

A self-cleaning rake made of PE-coated steel cables effectively protects the inlet and the rotor from small and large flotsam, as well as swimmers and pleasure boats from coming into contact with the rotor.

The current buoy hangs from a long steel chain of the highest grade, to which the cable is attached and protected against collision.

The chain and cable are fixed to a steel anchor rod set flush in concrete in the river bottom. Chain and anchor provide fourfold safety up to a maximum of 4 m/s flow velocity.

The weight, length of the chain, attachment point, buoyancy of the Strom-Boje and current pressure ensure at normal water levels that the Strom-Boje always sets itself up automatically in the strongest current just below the water surface and protects itself against floating debris by submerging at high water.

From the anchor, the cable is wrapped with a chain, lying on the river bottom, to the shore and from there to the net cabinet.

Here, the delivered alternating current with 3 x 400V voltage is formed into grid-compliant current, and the generator automatically follows the generated torque.

The entire system was designed for a service life of at least 175,000 hours.

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